Questions by oliver.o.fuchs@gmx.d2012-01-05
ND2700 CF Adapter for SDXC not working
Hi Guys,

I'm running a ND2700 with firmware 1.09. Now I bought a 64 GB SDXC card. I know that ND2700 is not supporting SDXC card, but there is an adapter provided be delock called Compact Flash Adapter for SDXC/SDHC/SD/MMC. Insersting the 65 GB SDXC into the adapter it is working well for my cardreaders, but not for the ND2700. ND2700 is comming up with the error 0x0015 unkown cf card. Since I know that die adapoter by delock is working on other card readers I have to ask if there are any ideas on your site how to proceed on this.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-01-10
We are sorry for incovenience.

SDXC memory card use EXFAT format system.

But ND2700 doesn't support it.

If you format the SDXC as FAT32 format system, it might work.
But we haven't tested it, so we are not sure.

Thank you
Answer by Chris2012-02-29
New ND-2730 supports the SDXC. Old type of memory backup device won't support SDXC (exFAT). Time to upgrade your device if you must used it with SDXC.

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