Questions by Barz2011-12-09
Nexto Extreme and Tablet PC with Android
I have a new tablet pc, an Huawei with Android 3.2. This Device has an USB-Port and together with a PC it works fine. I tried to connect my nexto extreme (Firmware 1.09) but it fails with en OTG Error.

Does anybody has an idea how to connect a nexto extreme with an tablet pc?


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Answer by NextoDI2011-12-12
please use sync menu.

go to the 'sync' menu, you can check two options.
[S]USB->Nexto and

first option is that the Nexto operates as an Host like a PC.
second option is that the Nexto operates as an Device like an USB external HDD.

But we are not sure if this options operates with the tablet PC.

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