Questions by Walle2011-12-05
ND2700 - ND2730
I am disappointed after having swiched from ND2700 to ND2730. I expected some advantages (like preview function), but only fond disadvantages:

- The 2730 is very much slower than the 2700. The time, the 2700 needed for copy and verifying, is not enough for the 2730 for only copying. And of course the 2730 needs accodingly more energy.

- The 2700 realised, when an memeory card was partly copied before an, if set adequate, only copied the new files. The 2730 does not offer this option.

- Preview? Unfortunately not für dng-files.

Will you fix these disadvanteges or do i have to look for an old 2700?

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Answer by stephan2011-12-06
...and it seems not to support the speed of new SD UHS-1 cards that support speeds up to 95MB/s (the ND2730 only talks about 14MB/s)
Answer by NextoDI2011-12-06
1. the back-up speed for Compact Flash is faster than ND2700.
the menu 'copy and verify' is safe, so we recommend it,
in case of ND2700, the speed of verify is very slow, so we
couldn't recommned it.
If you use fast Compact Flash memory card up to 40MB/s,
you can check the fast speed.

2. the incremental copy will be supported in the future.

to stephan,
Yes, ND2730 doesn't support the own speed of UHS SD memory card.
the maximum speed rate is around 15MB/s.

Thank you.
Answer by 27302011-12-06
>> 2. the incremental copy will be supported in the future.

When in the future will this be supported? I just got a 2730, but will return unless this support shows up very soon.

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