Questions by Stephan2011-11-23
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I was very satisfied with my nexto extreme nd2700. Now, after several years of use, I need a new battery (and also a battery charger because it is not working anymore? I tried to contact NextoDi. No reply after three weeks of waiting! I try to contact the german distributors Istego and 21byte, no reply. Great that I can find a tutorial which describes how I can change the battery. But what I do to become an answer where I can buy this battery??? I'm disappointed, sorry.


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Answer by gyest2011-11-23
I know that B&H Photo has it. Many distributors and manufacturer too busy to maintain their Q&A it seems
Answer by Stephan2011-11-24
thank you, that is a good advice. But I'm still missing a reply from the manufacturer ...
Answer by NextoDI2011-11-24
I am sorry for inconvenience.

the best option to buy an internal battery is contacting to a distributor in your country.

If they doesn't sell it, you can also buy it from us, NextoDI.

But in this case, you have to pay all including delivery fee.
and you have to have pay pal acount for payment.

if you still want yo buy it from us.
please email me.

Thank you
Answer by Lee2012-01-26
Go to post (state) number # 315.
I think Uk distributor always have service-parts in stock.
Answer by Chris2012-02-29
UK distributor have the replacement battery for ND2700. Contact by email, for a pricing and delivery charge. Hope this info helps

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