Questions by stephan2011-11-13
UHS-1 support
Hi !

I would be interested in which of Nexto's current and maybe also future devices support UHS-1 (high speed SD cards). I currently own a ND2700 which is rather slow and far below my expectations (~15MB/s) on SD cards (CF is fine), i.e. I'm looking for a device that performs much closer to the speed of my SD cards (45MB/s and now also 90MB/s) so backup times stay low and battery life high.


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Answer by NextoDI2011-11-21
We have models for supporting the UHS-1.

NVS2501, NVS1501, ND2730 are supported.
(but the maximum speed rate is around 60MB/s)

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Answer by stephan2011-11-28
I'm a little bit surprised by your answer regarding the ND2730. In you datasheet you list a SD Card performance of up to 14MB/s and above you are saying 60MB/s.....60MB/s would be ok for me, 14MB is too slow. Could you please clarify the situation?


P.S. the NVSxxxx models are not what I'm looking for because they are far bigger and heavier than the ND27xx models.
Answer by NextoDI2011-12-06
I am sorry for the answer.
Yes. ND2730 doesn't support the own speed of UHS memory card.

Thank you/./
Answer by stephan2011-12-08
i.e. the ND2730 does not give me any benefit and I have to continue looking for a replacement for my ND2700 unless there is a new NDxxxx model in the pipeline that will support the speed of UHS-1....would you be able to tell us whether we can expect such a model in the near future?
Answer by NextoDI2011-12-26
now there is no ND product for supporting UHS-1 speed.

NVS1501 and NVS2501 supports the UHS speed (but max. 60MB/s)
NVS series is for video camera, these models are bigger and more expansive.

Thank you
Answer by Stephan2013-08-17
have your plans changed meanwhile, i.e. will there be a ND2730 successor that supports UHS-1?

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