Questions by Joy2011-11-01
Firmware verison and battery indicator
Received my new ND2730 today. Charged up and downloaded 17GB of data from 32GB SD card to test. Copy and verify took 50 minutes.
Unit has extrenal battery attached as well. Plugging this into PC (USB) I get a message to say that Nexto should be plugged to power as battery low. After only 1 hour of use this is well inside what I expected with the extra battery. Device firmware version says V1.04.
As I'm going into the wilderness next week with no power for a good 4 days this is not what I need.
Why would I need to go back to V1.03 firmware which is all the info I can find???

This is my second Nexto - previous ND2500 bought 2005, HDD upgraded to 140GB in 2007. Unit hasn't missed a beat on Antarctica, Sth America, Asia. It just slow on large files now - time for an upgrade.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-11-02
ND2730 has max. 14MB/sec for SD memory card.

and v1.04 version is the newest firmware.
you don't need to update V1.03.

please contact a distributor in your country for purchasing the external battery.
You can find the information in 'where to buy'

Thank you.
Answer by guest2011-11-23
user wrote:
"Unit has external battery atached". and they still can not make your product work without AC. Why do you suggest they buy another external battery.

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