Questions by Vng2011-10-31
No reply from Nexto after 3 emails; now warranty expired
I am very disappointed in NextoDi. They do not respond to emails sent to them via the "Contact Us" form.

I have written them 3 times (since September), because Nextodi Extreme 2700 was suddenly corrupting my Sandisk Extreme III 8 GB cards. I would re-insert to make sure they had been copied, and it would tell me "no data", even though I had done the copy process and I know the pics from the card had not be reformatted yet.

I had to go to my PC and use Sandisc "Restore" program to retrieve the photos on the card (to verify that they were still there), even though neither the Nexto or my PC could see them/retrieve them.

This happened at least twice and I stopped using the Nexto because I was afraid I would lose images/cards (I was shooting a lot, and I did not want to reformat my cards since I did not have a computer with me and could not check to see if the Nexto had actually copied my cards).

Also the lid (where the CF slot is) is loose and coming off, and the paint is peeling, even though I keep my Nexto in its case all the time, safe.

So there appears to be hardware and software issues with the unit, but due to lack of response via private email, I am a few days past my warranty. It was purchased from Adorama Camera (via Amazon) on October 24, 2011.

This is my second Nexto (my previous Nexto was the very first model; had to stop using as the power input became loose and could no longer charge).

I will have to buy Hyperdrive in the future.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-10-31
We are sorry for inconeience.
We make sure it won't happen again.

please go to menu and check if the "auto move" (or "auto copy") function is checked.

if the function is checked, when you insert the memory card, it shows timer(5sec -> 0sec) and menu to select "copy" and "move"

If you choose "move", first Nexto Device copy the data, and verify and after copying, it start deleting the memory card.

If you don't want to use these function, please remove the checking and use it.

Thank you
Answer by Guest2011-10-31
Why people ignore to contact local distributor for warranty?? I wonder.
Answer by guest2011-11-23
perhaps they feel that the manufacturer will quickly know what the answer is since they designed the product. Unfortunately too ofter manufacturer is more to sell than support.
Answer by Victor2011-11-25
In some countries the distributors have changed all too often and the original one you dealt with is not to be found on the radar screen, while the new one can be very hard to locate (perhaps because the manufacturer does not update its information often enough)
Answer by Gavin2011-12-02
these days many people import through the internet and their distributer is now as far away as the manufacturer
Answer by lee2012-01-26
You should contact Adorama Camera for the warranty/RMA/repair or The International suppliers (official USA distributor) for the warranty/RMA/repair. They should able to help you otherwise report it here, so everyone could share of it.

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