Questions by Simon2011-10-26
I need help ! I am using a Panasonic HPX500. I have been recording to cards and the sound and vision are fine when injested to my client's lap top. I copied the card into my new 2525pro and it tells me that I have unsupported audio codec !!
Also I bought final cut pro x and it cannot read the files ! Please help me.

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Answer by Joseph2012-01-26
Hi, Simon
You don't need worry about the onscreen message.
NVS will copy everything (Video & Audio) from your cards onto NVS's internal disk.
While you previewing a video file, you may see "unsupported audio codec" on the lcd where Sound channels display (It has been added since firmware v1.12 2011.7.15). The "unsupported audio codec" message only effected to the preview but not for actual audio data.
I'm not sure of your FCP X related questions, you may need to consult manual to see your video codec is supported by FCP X.
Hope this information helps.
Answer by Joseph2012-01-26
With current firmware v1.50, the sound bar previewing is possible with a LPCM formatted Audio that embedded in MOV or MP4 file (MPEG2 video type).
Previewing other types (of audio codecs) will be added in the future firmware release.

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