Questions by shawn2011-10-24
battery replacement for ND2700 and ND2300
i own both ND2700 and ND2300, however, when i ask for a replacement of battery for ND2300, i was told by the Singapore distributor it is no longer available in late 2009. i hence got the ND2700 in 2010.

i am in serious need of a battery replacement for ND2700 as it is bery important for work. by any chance i can purchase ND2700 and ND2300's batteries? your help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by NextoDI2011-10-25
You can purchase the batteries from us.
please let us know your e-mail adress.
I will contact you soon.

Thank you
Answer by shawn2011-10-26
I had just emailed you at :)
Answer by Chris2013-05-29
You can purchase the replacement battery directly from NextoDi at
Thank you.

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