Questions by TioBorracho2011-10-20
Power drain with new disk

I have used my nexto OTG 2300 for years with a samsung MP0402H 40Gb disk with no problems

Asi I changed to a more memory-intensive camera I decided to change the disk to another samsung (HM160HC) but it appears to drain all the power while writting. (while trying to copy a CF card it goes from full charge indiator to no-battery warning and turn off) When I start it again it shows as fully charged.

I installed the old disk again and it works fine so I assume it has to do with the new disk power usage while writting.

Could this be avoided with an extra battery? Did you hear about this problems with this disk? Which disk would you reccommend?


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Answer by NextoDI2011-10-20
did you use the same memory card for them?

If you haven't exchanged the internal battery,
the battery could be defective.

or the HDD (HM160HC) could be defective.

if both the battery and the HDD are fine,
the back-up must be done.

the internal battery is used during 1~2 years.
so, I think that the internal battery might be defective.

we recommned you to replace the internal battery.

Thank you
Answer by TioBorracho2011-11-07
Where can I get the battery? or any 3.7V battery shold work well?

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