Questions by antoine2011-10-09
battery over heating

We're shooting right now a 130 days long shoot on Alexa.
My workflow is based on the NextoDI.
This last week we had twice the following problem:

NextoDI became very Hot (battery overheating)
Copies crashed and goes very slowly (30 min for one sxs card)

What can i do?

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Answer by NextoDOI2011-10-12
is the HDD used almost full capacity?
If HDD (except SSD) is almost full, the speed shows only own's half.

please check the used capacity.

Thank you
Answer by NextoDI2011-10-12
The heat is normal. That heat generated by 7200rpm hard drive and the ICs used in NVS2525. But don't worry. NVS2525 is verified to work at 50 cellcius temperature for one week constant use.
The problem of slow copy speed might come from fragmentation of hard drive or hard drive almost full.
We recommend you periodicaly format the NVS2525 using its format function to get best performance.

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