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ND 2300

I have a ND2700 and a ND2300.

I have read that thanks to OTG I can make sync the files from ND2700 to ND2300 without a computer and by connecting them directly through OTG cable.

1. Could I sync data from ND2700 (or from ND2300) with OTG cable to another USB 2.0 hard drive (like Lacie petit for example) ?

The problem I currently have is that the hard disk on Nexto OTG ND2300 is to small (100 GB). I have searched for larger HD in PATA that would fit into ND2300. The only drive above 300 GB that I have found is the Western Digital WD3200BEVE-DT 320GB. I am aware that you do not recommend Western Digital drives ( so:

2. Are you aware of any PATA hard drives that have 320 gb and that would not be from Western Digital for my ND2300 ?

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Answer by NextoDI2011-10-04
1. as you know, ND2700 has 'Sync' function to copy Data from ND2700 to another USB drive (ND2300).
and also you can use another USB external HDD.
But in this case, you have to connect to AC power for external HDD.
(actually ND2300 has own battery, so doesn't neet it, but other USB HDD doesn't have own battery, so it has to be connected to AC power)

2. yes. you can use WD pata hard drive.
please check thess
-> 2.5inch, 9.5mm, PATA

Thank you

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