Questions by tibrebour2011-10-02
NVS 2525 for Photo Storage

I do not want to use NVS2525 + adaptor for compact flash. Adaptor are not ideal when working in the field.

I would like to know if you plan to realease a product similar to NVS 2525 enabling Multicopy & Verify to 2 drives simultnesously in e-sata mode but for photo storage market (so with Compact Flash and SDHC/SDXC and with USB 3.0) ?

It would be a great idea to have a product that have 2 drives inside as raid 1 so it look more compact than the big box consisting of a NVS2525+1external 2.5 HD

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Answer by tibrebour2011-10-03
To give you more input. For photo storage market, Size and Weigth are very important. So a new unit with multicopy would be great. However, it needs to stay close to ND2730 in terms of Size+Weight ... and price.
Answer by NextoDI2011-10-12
The MCOPY feature cannot available at ND2730 because of the internal HW architecture.
If you mainly do with photo, pls check NVS1501.
It has built in CF connector and can do MCOPY using USB2.0 host.

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