Questions by Neelix2007-07-11
Problems with Firmware Update ND-2300
Hello !

I have an Nexto OTG ND-2300. It has the old firmware V. 1.11 and i would like to upgrade to the new firmware V.1.23

I've Try it many times but it dosn't work. I've do all thing described in the Readme: Nothing! At any times i got the Message: Download Failed! Please check Power cable an USB cable.
So, these Cables are OK. What is wrong ?

Also is there now an much bigger Problem: When i try to start the Nexto OTG, i will get an Message on the Display: Now Booting . But the message will not disappear! No more function !

Is the OTG damaged ?

Sorry for my bad english :-)

Greets from Germany


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Answer by R&D2007-07-11
The copy button should be pressed during whole process of firmware upgrade. If not, the power shut down just after you start download. Then you see the 'Download Failed! Please check Power cable an USB cable' message.

If you see 'Now Booting', it means the operation part of firmware damaged during download process.
But don't worry! If you successfuly download the firmware, you can use it again.
Answer by Neelix2007-07-11
Thank you very much !!! This is the fastest Support i've ever had !!! It work's now perfectly !! But In the Readme.Pdf is nothing described about to press The copy button during WHOLE process of firmware upgrade. I think you can add this litte Part in the Readme of future Firmware updates. Keep up the good service, thanks again.
Answer by henry2014-11-16

Guys i bought a 2901 it's a marvel 3 min vs 23 min against my old 2300.

So decided to upgrade firmware with 1.25 coming from a 1.0.x.
downloaded files here, copy process holding copy bitton says it completes. but I got message :
"firmware corrupt
FW update"

anything to hope ?
Answer by NextoDI2014-11-17
to Henry.

the latest firmware version is V1.03 for ND2901.
did you upgrade other firmware to ND2901?

please check it, or let me know it with more detail.

Best regards

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