Questions by Polarlander2011-09-21
ND2700 DTG error Connect Fail
Hello, the Extreme ND2700 was purchased 6 months ago. I am using Scandisk 8 gb cards. Since one week no upload is possible: after inserting the card the error "DTG error -> Connect fail -> Bye!" is shown. Along with this problem I find that the USB connection does not work anymore. With the eSata connection I still van adress the harddisk, so I will be able to save data to another storage. Can you please help me out? Is there any garantee in case of repair? Thnx! Kind Regards, Polarlander.

Dear Polarander
The ND2700 may have an error in USB connection. ND2700 has OTG function (USB Host), so when the Host working has fail, the error can be occurred. And the unit has to be repaired for using. If you can contact the seller, please know the error the seller, and give a help. If they don’t give you any help, please mail me again.I will find any method to help you. Thank you Best regards

the OTG error usually is happend by hardware failure.
It must be Hardware repair. please let me know your email address.
I will contact you.
Thank you

Please note that I send an email to your compagny

Please note that I send an email to your compagny. The new Dutch importer D95 needs to have a statement by the end of this week (please do not ask me why the hurry...) that the costs of repair will be subject to guarantee from NextoDi.

Hello NextoDi, can you please answer my email and state that the failure is subject to guarantee? Please answer a.s.a.p.!!
Thank You.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-09-22
we send you an email.
Thank you.
Answer by Polarlander2011-10-05
My issue with the ND2700 extreme has been dealt with by NextoDi in a for myself very satisfying way. This is an exemple of Customer Care with double capital C! Thank you NextoDi!

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