Questions by Mat2011-09-20
ND2730 - battery issues

I received my new ND2730 recently. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version (1.3) as soon as I received the unit, however I am still having 2 problems:

a) When I plug the unit in to USB from my laptop and turn the unit on, it first says: "NextoDi Version 1.3", but then it says "Connect power adapter! Battery Become flat During use". Even though it's plugged in. It does this for 5 seconds, then it works again.

b) I copied a 16GB memory card, (650 photos) and it automatically verified. The whole process took 21 minutes! Is this normal?


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Answer by NextoDI2011-09-20
a) some HDDs sometimes need more power more than USB Power given.
so, ND2730 is somtimes supported power from the internal battery.
if the battery is charged, there is no problem to use it as an external hard drive.
but if the battery is empty, the hard drive can be not supported enough power and connection would be failed.

so, we recommend that when it is used as an USB external HDD for a long time or it's internal battery is almost empty, please use it with connecting to AC adapter.

b) the back-up speed depands on the memory card's own read speed rate.

if you copied and verifed from 16GB memory and it needed 21m,
the transfer rate is apx. 26Mbyte/sec.
(but the speed rate can be slower cuased by other facts.)

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