Questions by CarolineK2011-09-17
ND2700 not found on computer
I've used my new ND2700 Extreme (500mb) to copy photos and videos from my camera SD cards successfully. However, when I connect it via USB to my laptop (running Windows Vista), it isn't found. The ND2700 LCD screen shows "PC <=> USB" as described in the manual, but the drive isn't listed under My Computer. I have tried different USB leads and ports, reboots etc on my laptop without success. I've never had any problem with other USB devices or external hard drives. I don't have an ESATA port on my laptop to use the other lead. The firmware is v1.09.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-09-18
Connect power adapter to ND2700 and try again. ND2700 has a hard drive inside and the hard drive needs more cable power than specified USB spec. Some laptop block USB port when external device draw more power than specified.
Answer by CarolineK2011-09-18
As suggested, I've connected the unit to my laptop whilst plugged in with the power adapter. The laptop still has not detected the unit.
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-19
1. retry connecting with another PC,
or retry it using another USB cable.

If it still doesn't work, the USB port(connector) could be faulty.

please connect our distributor in your country.

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Answer by CarolineK2011-09-21
Thanks, I persisted with a few combinations of USB lead & PC, and now have got it working. Thanks for your advice.

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