Questions by Lior2011-09-16
NVS2500 is history not recommanded and NextoDI company not recommanded anymore

I already bought NextoDI NVS2500 to make copy specifically to external hard disks...

I already see here in the forum peoples that complain on USB3.0 support (specifically on 2.5"). I want to warn all the device does not work well with hard disks 3.5 ", including power supply.

Very bad news for me I spent on the device. I am not recommand on this device and for sure not on NextoDI company that ignores customer complaints.

Promised to examine the issue of the USB 3 but nothing happened:

Soon I will write an review on some AV magazines.

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Answer by Just thoughts2011-09-22
I'm a proud owner of NVS2500, I bought mine in 2009. When NVS2500 launched, the USB 3.0 wasn't industry standard. So I don't see any issues of your complaint about missing of USB3.0 support. The NVS is designed for professional users in mind. IMHO, by reading your complaints, you aren't the one. The NVS2500 is still revolutionary products and has never let me down since day one.
Answer by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-26
I´m the owner of the NVS2525 UDF. I did have some troubles updating the firmware recently but I finally did it. On the field, the unit has always worked like a charm. I´d strongly suggest it for professional on-field data back up.
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-28
in this weekend, the new firmware will be released.
and USB 3.0 compatibility issue is also solved.

Thank you
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-09-30
"Just thoughts", Today it's inposibile to get HDD not USB3.0
BTW- The problem is not only with USB3.0 2.5", The problem with any USB3.0 devices include 3.5" with power adaptor.
Answer by Just thoughts2011-10-04
Ziv Tal; Do you live out of planet or something? These days, I can easily buy USB 2.0 in either 2.5 or 3.5-inch.

For examples;

Answer by Lior2011-10-23
There is no way to get External HDD 3.5" USB2.0 anymore, All the company that sale External HDD it's USB3.0 today... WD, SEGATE,LACIA,VERBATIM...

If you want buy USB2.0 external you have to buy HDD USB2.0 BOX and Internal HDD 3.5" there is no more Combin External HDD that came with USB2.0

Maybe he is live on this planet...
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-10-24
"Just thoughts" you bought it in 2009 now it's history.

My customers buy an external devices and bring to me and I am unable to copy them the stuff because 99% of the external devices that selling today (combin) is USB2.0&3.0 and this devices not work with NVS2500.

I dont want USB3.0 speed just work as USB2.0 like any old computer with USB2.0 the devices work as USB2.0 that's it.
Answer by Just thoughts2012-02-29
To, Ziv Tal
You just need to buy USB2.0 A-Male to A-Male cable. Of course, you won't get USB3.0 speed rates. Hope this information helps

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