Questions by DShombert2011-09-15
Computer can't see my ND2700
The computer is unable to see my ND 2700 Extreme. When connected via USB, it does not appear under the My Computer tab in WinXP. I have v.1.08, battery is fully charged, photos copy OK from SD card, it just isn't recognized by the computer. Same problem on second computer and with second cable.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-09-16
We should check the ND2700
Please contact our distributor and get help. (RMA process)

Than you.
Answer by DShombert2011-09-16
Should I contact the store where I bought it (B&H Photo in NY), or someone else?
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-18
Check if the USB connector is broken or no. Open the rear pannel and check if the USB connector sits on the PCB well. If the USB connector pushed hard, the connection between USB connector and PCB became loose.
Answer by DShombert2011-09-20
This is not clear. Are you referring to the USB connector in the computer, or in the ND2700? I do not want to open the ND2700. If you're referring to the USB connector in the computer, all USB connectors on my computer are OK, and all work with other devices. Furthermore, as I mentioned in my first post, a second computer also does not see the ND2700. On 9/16, you suggested sending it to a distributor; I asked whether you meant the dealer where I bought it, and I haven't yet gotten an answer to that question.
Answer by visitor2011-09-22
Official distributor details can be found "Where to Buy" on this website. I think International supplies is the USA distributor, call them for obtaining further instructions. Good Luck!

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