Questions by Taylor2011-09-15
Nexto DI won't copy or move
Everything has worked fine, but now when I try to copy my sd card contents it just sits there endlessly and says 0/122. How do I get it to copy?????????

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Answer by Taylor2011-09-15
I have a nd2700
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-16
Do you have one SD card?

If you have the other sd card then you try to copy the sd card again.

If it have same problem (it just sits there endlessly) then we need to check the ND2700 unit.

Please contact our distributor and get help. (RMA process)

Than you.
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-18
If you can copy other SD card but cannot copy specific SD card, then it can be caused by dirt on the pin on SD. Use eraser to remove the dirt and try again.

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