Questions by Rodrigo Lizana Lamar2011-09-13
NVS2525 UDF firmware update
Today I accidentally disconnected the firewire 800 connector from the NEXTO without ejecting it from the Mac first. The Nexto autopowered itself off. Then I turned it back on and reconnected the to the Mac again, but the Mac does not recognize it anymore. Tried a bunch of times with no luck. After a couple of hours gave it a try again. At first with no luck but after a few trial the Mac finally saw it. Then never again. I´m thinking about upgrading the firmware to the latest version. With that be of any help ?.

- Can I load the new firmware files into the CF card on a Mac ?.
- What kind of format does the CF card needs to be formatted in order for the Nexto to read it ?.


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Answer by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-13
Ok, This is becoming very annoying. Trying to upgrade the firmware but the Nexto does not recognize the CF card. This device is supposed to make our life easier not the opposite. Please advice !.
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-14
We were in Korean Lunar Holidays, so the response was late, Sorry.
First, try connect it to Windows computer.
Seems the MAC had not clean up the UDF file system.
So try with the Windows and see what happen.

The CF format should be FAT32.
Yes. You can copy the firmware to CF card from the MAC because MAC can detect FAT formatted memory card.
Answer by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-15
Ok, will try on a Windows machine. As of now, I´m able to copy the firmware file into the CF card (which I formatted as Fat32) the problem is that the Nexto doesn´t recognize the CF card. It´s like a vicious circle, need to upgrade the firmware in order for the Nexto to recognize/format external hard drives but on the other hand the Nexto does not recognize the CF card in order to upgrade the firmware.

And a suggestion, since the Nexto is aimed at video professionals, you should consider Mac as your base operating system. Today the majority of video editing is Mac based, not windows.

I´ll post the results as soon as I get any.
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-18
Before connecting CF adapter, the CF should be added to the adapter. The CF adapter should be detected by NVS2525 UDF if the pin of CF adapter is not bent. So check your CF adapter pin and try again.
Answer by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-21
Did everything you suggested. Nothing worked. I did format the CF card as Fat 32 on a PC computer and downloaded the firmware file from that windows machine. The Nexto says :

PexCF error

Then dowloaded the firmware file on a Mac, dragged and dropped into the CF card (CF card still formatted as window FAT32) but received the exact same message. The CF card worked good on both computers.

Please consider putting your best effort into this, I´m trying everything you´re suggesting to make the machine work properly.
Answer by Seul2011-09-22
I'm using Mac (10.5) and I use a sandisk CF 2GB for updating FW. It takes only 2-5 minutes completing FW updated. By reading your complaints, I think your unit is in faulty. Contacting your reseller where you bought it from and asking technical helps.
Answer by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-26
Finally I got the firmware updated !!. I used another CF card. A 2GB Sandisk and it worked perfectly as you you Seul suggested. So big thanks to you man. It will remain a mistery to me why the 1GB one didn´t worked and the 2GB did !. Both cards worked out well on my mac. Sadly, I still can´t preview the .mov files. Is there a date for this feature ?.

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