Questions by Rodrigo Lizana2011-09-13
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Couple of observations after testing with a lot of different hard discs :

when connecting (a fat32 hard disc) to the Nexto (V 1.01) I got the following message :

"Unknown USB format.
Format USB ?".

So I confirm the format and Nexto starts formatting the HD but in the middle of the process it stops and says the following :

"Unknow Error
System Timeout Error
Error No : 0X3000C000"

"Power Off"

"Internal Error
System handle Error
Error No : 0x30008000"

Then it actually turn off.


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Answer by NextoDI2011-09-14
The V1.01 firmwar can format the eSATA HDD correctly but formatting USB HDD can have problem depending on the USB drive.
So upgrade the firmware to the recent version.
Then this will be solved.

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