Questions by Rodrigo Lizana2011-08-23
Nexto NVS2525 UDF does not recognize Lacie HD
The Nexto NVS2525 UDF does not recognize the client´s Lacie Rugged HD and there´s no chance to format it from the Nexto. There´s an Apple notebook on set, we might be able to format the HD using that computer but I´m not sure what format will be compatible with the Nexto. Looking at the format options on my Mac in here I see the following :

MAC OS extended (journaled)
MAC OS extended
MAC OS extended (case sensitive, journaled)
MAC OS extended (case sensitive)

Is any of this compatible with the Nexto DI UDF in order to do multicopy ?

Best regards

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Answer by NextoDI2011-08-24
We are checking about the issue.

NVS2525 UDF has to be formatted as UDF file system.
(you can format it easy using NVS2525 format menu.)

after checking it, we announce the solve in our web-site.

Thank you
Answer by Patrick Allombert2011-08-30
My Nexto NVS 2525 can format Lacie Rugged 500 Go Hd as UDF, but when copying from the internal HD, after a few seconds I have an error message and the copy stops. Is it a problem of speed rotation (5400 rpm) ?

Best regards
Answer by NextoDI2011-09-01
could you let me know the error code (or message)?
Answer by Seul2011-10-04
Hi, Both NVS2525 UDF and external HDD must be formatted in UDF. I wouldn't recommended other users to us external USB drive, but recommended to use external eSATAp (power over eSATA) drive insteads. Works well with external eSATAp (power over eSATA) drive... Good luck!
Answer by Simon2011-10-26
I need help ! I have a Panasonic HPX500 recording onto card sound and vision all fine. Put card into Nexto di2525 copies card onto internal drive but message comes up unsupported audio codec ! Bought Final Cut Pro X but cannot injest.
Can you help in laymans terms please ?
Answer by daniel2012-06-28
You need to provide additional power to the Lacie. If you're just going in via USB this isn't enough. You should provide mains to the Lacie then mini USb to the eSATA/USB port on the NEXTO

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