Questions by Nemenems2011-08-17
SMART TEST ERROR for 3 on 6 Purchases

I have the same problem. I bought 6 NEXTO DI and in one year 3 of them got the smart test failed error. What could usually provokes that ?

Thank you


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Answer by NextpDO2011-08-19
the smart failure means that the internal HDD has faulty.

there is so many causes.
all of them, the most big one is physical damaged.

HDD works physical like a CD rom.
there are platters and spin motor to read and write DATA.
and these are perfectly phyiscal works.

so if it is shaked or shocked during operation,
The HDD could be damaged easy.

please don't shake or shock the device during operation.

thank you.
Answer by Visitor2011-09-22
Wow, that's very high rate of failure. You're rental house or something? I purchased NVS2500 in 2009 and hadn't had any single hdd failure. NVS is very tough drive but still you need care while is under operation i.e. file copying etcs. Good luck!
Answer by Gavin2011-12-02
Hi mine was failing straight out of the box! What the? So this was a new product and it fails, now what can I do?

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