Questions by Chris Schippers2011-08-17
ND2730 problem with Kingston Ultimate 32GB 266X CF

I have a problem with Kingston Ultimate 32GB 266X CF on the ND2730.
The files won't copy and I get an

error 1: 20B0
error 2: 1102

I hope this can be fixed somehow, i tried reformating the card in the camera (5D MK II) but it did not work.

Other cards (like the Kingston 32GB 133X CD (Elite Pro)) work fine.

Thanks in advance.


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Answer by NextoDI2011-08-19
We are sorry for incovenience.

I will check the compatibility between ND2730 and the CF card.

Thank you.
Answer by NextoDI2011-08-22
We found that some of CF memory cards has compatibility issue
with ND2730.
and next firmware is made for solving the problems.

this firmware will be released soon through this web-site.
(it will be in a week.)

Thank you
Answer by Chris Schippers2011-09-10
Thanks for the reply!
Answer by Chris Schippers2011-09-11
Just tested firmware version 1.03. This did not solve my problem, I still get the same error after about 1 minute and the card does not copy.

Is 1.03 the right firmware you suggested in your previous post?

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