Questions by defa2011-07-29
unknow device

my NVS 2500 has just been repaired, they have changed the internel HD.
The firmware is 1.31A. I have several CF :
transcend 600x 32GB
silicon power 200x32 GB
lexar pro 600x 32GB
The lexar works with the nvs2500
but, bith transcend and silicon power failed. The nvs2500 says
unknown device remove device

Sometimes it works, if i format those card on my computer, but after time, it failed.
Any ideas whyit fails ? it's very frustrating. Since i've bought the nvs2500, it never works perfectly, and i have no confidence in it, and it's a big problem.
thank you


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Answer by defa2011-07-29
The cf card are used with a nanoflash and a canon 5D.
both cards can be read on my laptop

Answer by NextoDI2011-07-29
We are sorry for inconveience.

do they work before changed internal HDD?

the CF memories are already tested with NVS2550
and the test result is passed.
Answer by defa2011-07-29
Yes and no, sometime it has worked, sometime no. If not, i just have to reformat cf card on my laptop. But now, nothing i could do works. And the worst is that the nvs2500 make my cf card unreadable, they turn to raw. thanks god, i have à software to save my images, but it's a quite disturbing. I also have a cf card unuseable, i can not format it since i used it with tne nvs2500. I'm on a documentary on reunon island, and it makes my work really more difficult.
Do some users have the same issue? How can i fix this? I bought the nextodi in order to be quite with my media, and obviously i'm not.
I really need some help
thank you
Answer by defa2011-07-30
Nextodi? anything to help me?
Answer by NextoDI2011-08-01
we haven't heard the issue yet.

We should check the unit.
Please contact our distributor and get help. (RMA process)

Than you.

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