Questions by Baumi2007-07-08
M1 ND-2325 full verification?
Does the new M1 ND-2325 support full verification, or does it only support the sample (128 KB) verification method (as mentioned for the 2300 model)?

Thank you in advance

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Answer by R&D2007-07-09
Only ND2525(Nexto-Ultra) has the HW verification.
ND2325 does not support HW verification and SW verification takes very long time so we removed the full verification at both ND2325 and ND2300.
But we can restore the full verification feature at any time.
Do you need that?
Answer by Baumi2007-07-09
Full verification would be nice. But how long does a full SW verification run take for a fast 4 GB CF-card?
(If it takes too long this would certainly drain the rechargeable battery, obliterating the ND2325's mobility...)
Answer by R&D2007-07-10
For ND2525, full verification of 1G takes about 1min30sec.
For ND2325, 1G full verify takes 40minute or more.
Tooooo long time.
Answer by Baumi2007-07-10
Yes, you are right. 40 min for just 1 GB render this useless.

Unfortunately the ND2525 does not support OTG. Do you have any plans to support USB-OTG AND hardware verification ? That would be THE unique selling proposition for such a device! I would certainly buy this. (with the 2525 I'd have to carry a separate OTG-bridge - quite inconvenient)
Answer by R&D2007-07-11
Thank you for the suggestion.
We'll consider your suggestion at the next device design.

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