Questions by Ziv Tal2011-07-28
Answer my question
Why I still didnt recive answer about my question:

Thanks anyway,


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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-28
We are sorry for inconveience.
the limit(less 128GB) can't be exchaged.

We recommed that the HDD is keeped more 128GB.

If folders you want to delete are made by NVS,
the folders can be deleted. (in external preview mode)

But other folders that made by PC or contoller can't be deleted.

Thank you.
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-07-31
No you didnt understand me.

If I have 2 folders on my NextoDI total size of 2 folders about 30gb and I want copy this 2 folders to DiskOnKey 64GB I can't, Because every folder copy the NextoDI ask me to delete all content if the device(USB device) is LESS then 128GB even if I have enough free space...

Why do not make an question before each folder' copy: Delete USB device "YES" or "NO"? -- no metter how much size the USB device.

* Just let me chose if I want to delete or not.
Answer by NextoDI2011-08-01
if the USB device has less then 128GB, NVS unit recognize it as a USB memory, not USB HDD drive.

if you want to copy without deleting, please use over 128GB HDD drive.

Thank you.

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