Questions by Dirk2011-07-27
Why ND-2730 like that?

i use Nd-2700 since years now and i really appreciated to hear about the upcoming successors of the ND-2700.
But now ... what a disappointment. ESATA canceld because of lack of customer interest?! Huh.
A color display 1,44". Yeah great. Did you really view photos with that little crappy thing. What did your manager think when deciding that?
BW display would have been sufficient for handling, but, please, much larger! I wear glasses and cannot even read the text on the ND-2700.
Oh, it has Firewire 800. Congratulations! No USB 3? No ESATA?
So, for what is that device fast on the card reader port. Everything else is still slow. I do'nt get it.
I shall pay 300,- EUR for it? I have to buy a FW800 card (50 EUR) because even the expensive mainboards only have FW400!!
Sorry, guys. ND-2730 is a mis-construction. What a pitty.

Regards, Dirk

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Answer by Dirk2011-07-27
Thanks for the fast reply!

I really would appreciate an ESATA version like the ND-2700. The german sellers just told me two weeks ago that ND-2731 was canceld because of to low customer demand.
If ND-2731 is offered in germany as well i would buy immediatelly!

Answer by NextoDI2011-07-28
I am sorry.
I gave you wrong information.
now, there is no plan to release ND2731.

I am sorry for make confsed to you.
Best regards
Answer by Mat2011-09-12
I agree the ND2730 should have eSata, I was upset by this. And I agree, I'll never use the colour screen. (Although it could be useful in some situations, to quickly see what is on a card, if you are in the middle of shooting with another card.)

However, I don't agree with the main force of your comments. (And its tone, but I'll say no more on that point.)

Fact is, nobody is forcing you to buy the Nexto 2730.

So if you think you can find something better, go ahead - buy it, and stop complaining!

(Oh, and please tell me about it too, because I would be interested.)

Fact of the matter is: ND2730 is still the best mobile backup device for this price, and I think you know that, which is why you are getting so annoyed.
Answer by Dirk2012-02-17
Oh sorry Mat! I just was talking to Nexto, not to you ;-). And i just choose my tone like i felt upset by misconception of a device which is no more the best mobile backup any more, but was indeed expected by me that it would be. Why should i stop complaining? You do'nt have to read it! But Nexto should know what i am willing to pay for. May be next time they want to earn some money with me again ;-).(Allthough i am not that a kind guy ;-) )
So the old ND2700 is still my choice. I will just use it until it dies or Nexto puts SATA or USB 3 to a new device.
At least i could save the money for the ND2730 now, as nobody forced me to buy the ND2730, puuh ;-).

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