Questions by Polarlander2011-07-23
ND2700 DTG error Connect Fail
"..Hello, the Extreme ND2700 was purchased 6 months ago. I am using Scandisk 8 gb cards. Since one week no upload is possible: after inserting the card the error "DTG error -> Connect fail -> Bye!" is shown. Along with this problem I find that the USB connection does not work anymore. With the eSata connection I still van adress the harddisk, so I will be able to save data to another storage. Can you please help me out? Is there any garantee in case of repair? Thnx! Kind Regards, Polarlander..."

Dear Polarander
The ND2700 may have an error in USB connection. ND2700 has OTG function (USB Host), so when the Host working has fail, the error can be occurred. And the unit has to be repaired for using. If you can contact the seller, please know the error the seller, and give a help. If they don’t give you any help, please mail me again.I will find any method to help you. Thank you Best regards


Thirst: thank you for your swift and kindly responce. I contacted the importer in the Netherlands. They confirmed me via email that the fault was to be subject to guarantee.

Because of the fact that I purchased my ND2700 imagetank via a non-contracted reseller in my hometown (also in the Netherlands), the importer would charge me with the shipping costs to Korea. As an indication they informed me that this could cost me up to US dollar 140.- This amount of money, being almost 50% of the purchaseprice less than one year ago, leaves me with the question wether the malfunction is a technical or hardware failure, or is it a software failure.

If it is a software failure, are there means to repair the malfunction via an upgrade of the firmware, or reinstall of software?
How can I obtain such software of firmware update?

I kindly ask you to answer my questions on which I can make a choice.
For your quick respons I thank you in advance. Yours Faithfully. Polarlander

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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-26
the OTG error usually is happend by hardware failure.
It must be Hardware repair.

please let me know your email address.
I will contact tou.

Thank you
Answer by Victor2011-09-01
the same problem on my unit occured around that time in July and I can only access the internet again now, having been away for so long.

Can't even envisage sending in the unit for repair as I am starting on a new photo trip next week. Is there really no workaround to this problem?
Answer by Polarlander2011-09-03
Please note that I send an email to your compagny
Answer by Victor2011-09-05
I would have thought that NEXTO would have some sort of official distributor somewhere in Europe with the capacity to repair the device without imposing a shipping to Korea to end-users like us, and this especially if one considers the rather steep price of Nexto devices.

As mentioned before, I cannot really tackle the issue now prior to my holiday starting this week, but when I return in October I hope to get a more customer-friendly response from my distributor than you Polarlander obtained from your Dutch importer. Ditto concerning responses from the manufacturer because the invoked fault or malfunction seems to be related to either an engineering design weakness or defective hardware, things a customer surely cannot take any blame for.

My unit was bought in Feb 2010 and at that price I would expect it to perform as described in the lavish advertising for quite some time.
Answer by Polarlander2011-09-14
Please note that I send an email to your compagny. The new Dutch importer D95 needs to have a statement by the end of this week (please do not ask me why the hurry...) that the costs of repair will be subject to guarantee from NextoDi.
Victor, thank you for your participation in this matter. I bought my unit in august 2010. And in March 2011 the error occured. And indeed: I too did pay a steep price also.
Answer by Victor2011-10-10
Hi Polarlander.
Thanks for starting this thread and for the positive feedback in the other thread. I am finally back from one of my long "world tours" and will now be able to contact my German importer to see what they are ready to do. Having purchased my unit at the end of February 2010 I also hope to get a positive response.
Answer by Victor2011-11-25
Got my Nexto back today, after 6 weeks. The OTG cable got changed, that's all. No costs incurred as I have had the appliance for under 2 years. No idea why something went wras i had described the problem in detail and the cause of this malfunction is by now well-known by the manufacturer.

I think I'll soon move over to a Hyperdrive anyway because I just do not trust the manufacturer's hype on the NEXTO's "extreme reliability" any longer. I will definitely not put up with another failure in the near future.

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