Questions by Ziv Tal2011-07-23
Any news about USB 3.0 2.5" HDD ?

The NVS2500 not work with the new HDDs' 2.5" USB3.0.

The problem that the HDDs 2.5" USB2.0 begins to disappear from the market... There is any new about HDD 2.5" USB3.0 support ?

Thank you very much,


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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-26
We are sorry for inconvenience.

we haven't tested the copatibility between NVS series and USB 3.0 storage.

But, We checked that Delock USB3.0 storage(eSATA combo) is connected well.

usually, USB 3.0 Storage supports own USB cable. and the USB Cable couldn't have the compatibilty with NVS's USB socket.

I am going to check the compatibility USB 3.0 storage,
and I will notice the result on our web site.

Thank you
Answer by David2011-09-07
Too bad your service is bad ... The product is not sold cheaply and I expect an answer from you ...

The product starts to be not useful for me because there is no more USB2 2.5" HDD in the market ... Only USB 3.0 ...

3 Month past and there is nothing new about USB3 support ...
Answer by KIM2011-11-09
David, You can buy a LaCie USB2.0 at B&H approx, $149.00 for the 500GB.

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