Questions by Ziv Tal2011-07-19
Copy to one folder to an USB device (HDD, DOK, etc...)

I have been added the option to copy folder to external USB device, That's perfect but if the device already formatted FAT32 or extFAT why he want's to delete all the content on the device ??? I can't copy 2 or 3 folder ... every folder copy he telling me the the content will be earsed...

So the option unusful, I have 500gb ext USB device and I want copy there 2-3 folders from my NEXTO, NOT POSIBLE... Why ?!

I will be happy to get answers... That wasnt my idea when I asked option to copy selected folders to USB device...

Thanks and good night,

Ziv Tal

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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-21
Do you want that NVS2500 copy from internal HDD to externall HDD?

Did you choose that "Copy to External Device" function in the PREVIEW?

When the USB device capacity is LESS than 128GB,
If the USB device is NOT empty then the NVS2500 will ask you twice to confirm the device deletion operation.

When the USB device capacity is MORE than 128GB,
the NVS2500 copying all of the files inside the selected folder onto a device.

I think that you know the wrong for this function.
Would you please take this function again?

Thank you.
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-07-23
Ok, I connect HDD 500GB work great (without delete).

But I dont understand why I have to delete all content on the device LESS then 126GB ?

The delete have to be option, Delete: "Yes" or "No" - no it's mean continue copy without delete ... If I am news videographer my materials is small, So I can't copy 2 folders to DOK 32/64GB because every folder the device want's to delete the DOK's content ...
Answer by NextoDI2011-07-28
We are sorry for inconveience.
the limit(less 128GB) can't be exchaged.

We recommed that the HDD is keeped more 128GB.

If folders you want to delete are made by NVS,
the folders can be deleted. (in external preview mode)

But other folders that made by PC or contoller can't be deleted.

Thank you.

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