Questions by Dirk-Jan2011-07-15
Transcend 16GB compatibility
In the FAQ is mention that the Transand CF 133x 32GB cannot be used with ND2700 and ND2725 and NVS2500. Transand has two version of 133x 32G CF.
One with blue color, the other with red based color.
The red based color version has compatibility issue with Nexto.
Picture with blue based color->incompatible CF
The reset response time of this CF is very slow(more than 4sec) and that causes the CF not detected at the Nexto.
This is HW design related issue, so cannot be fixed by firmware updates.

My Question: I own two Trancsend 16GB 133x CF card with red based color. Is this card compatible with the Nexto ND2525 Ultra 160GB?

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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-18
We are sorry for inconvenience.

the Red color memory card is not compatible.
(we make the FAQ correctly ASAP.)

Thank you

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