Questions by Tonio2011-07-15
Charging internal+external Battery

I'm a new NVSPRO+ 2525 User. I was surprised that an external Power is needed to connect an external e-sata HDD. This information is not clearly explained in the manual!

Is it possible to charge simultaneously the internal and external battery. I connected the AC power to the external battery and at the same time the external Battery to the NVSPRO+.
May I do that? Does the recharge take twice the time than ?


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Answer by NextoDI2011-07-18
When NVS2525 operates with an external HDD, they have to supported over 24Watt power.

and this is too large value for internal battery using Li-Poly type.

so we provide an external battery for NVS2525.
also we do explain it in the manual.
(also you can check the picture on the gift box.)

please check the specification of AC adapter.
if you use 2A adapter, you can charge two batteries an a single time.
But if the adapter has under 2A output, we don't recommend recharging two batteries using one AC adapter.

Thank you

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