Questions by Tom2011-06-29
only FAT32 for Ext HD?
Do I understand properly that if I want to do a multicopy to an external hard drive ( Lacie Rugged). It must be formatted in FAT32?

I try to connect for MCopy but it says there is no room on HD. It is formatted for MAC.

Also, if I try without separate Ext HD power it asks if I want to format USB. What does this mean?

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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-29
Nexto Device only supports with FAT32 formated HDD.
the external HDD must be formatted as FAT32 file system.

and if the external HDD is 3.5inch, you must connect the own power to external HDD.
(3.5inch HDD operates on 12V power, but Nexto only support 5V
power to external HDD)

Thank you.

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