Questions by elperrepat2011-06-15
Nextodi CF - No HDD

I own a CF since 2006 and it has been working flawlessly since.

I tried to use it last weekend and got a "No HDD" error message. I tried to replace the HDD and still get the same message. I flashed the firmware from 1.31 to 1.37b and still have the message.

The strange part is that if I plug the Nextodi with the usb to a computer, the nextodi appears and I can read and write to the hard drive. But all on its own, I always get a "No HDD" error.

Anything I could try?



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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-20
If it makes NO HDD error with all HDD,
the unit must be faulty.

it needs repairing.

please let me know your email address. I will give you infromation about repairing.

Thank you
Answer by elperrepat2011-07-02
My email is
patrick_aye AT hotmail DOT com

replace the AT and the DOT accordingly with @ and .


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