Questions by Charlie BBC2011-06-13
Unable to roll back firmware
We have a Nexto NVS2525 UDF special which had the firmware upgraded to 1.11 accidentally - we now cannot put the firmware back to 1.01 for UDF support. When the firmware file is put onto a CF card for update, it does not recognise it as a valid file. It DOES recognise the 1.11 firmware, just not the 1.01 bug fix.

We have tried copying the 1.01 firmware to the internal HDD, which works, but it still does not recognise it as valid firmware when we try the update.

This makes this unit no use for us, so help would be appreciated.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-20
NVS2525 can't be updated to other version.

I check this and let you know about it.

Thank you

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