Questions by David2011-06-13
[NVS2500] New devices USB 3.0 support

I have been try to use external HDD Lacie Rikiki Go (2.5") 500G with USB 3.0 and the device not ignored the HDD it's seem like there is no such power to run the device even NVS2500 connected to AC adaptor...

I would like to know if you did some checks on USB 3.0 external HDDs ? If there is HDDs (USB 3.0) that work... If not it's very bad because all the technology go on, I didn't find where to buy an HDD 2.5" USB 2.0 ...

Thank you very much,

David Zeek

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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-20
We haven't tested the compaitibility with USB3.0 device.

We check about it and notice the result in our homepage

Thank you

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