Questions by Jan Nijborg2011-06-13
'Unknown Err' Nexto Di eXtreme at power up
Dear Support Team,

I need you urgent assistance, because my Nexto Extreme is suddenly not working anymore, showing the message 'Unknown Err' at power up, after which the device turns off. I am on holiday and not able to secure my photos anymore to the Nexto Extreme. Also, I am wooried about the many hundred photos already copied now the device is not accessable.

How should I proceed? Note: I have no computer available currently, because I am travelling.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,
Jan Nijborg
The Netherlands
(on holiday in Scotland)

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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-13
Dear Jan Nigborg

please check the error code shown when the error occurd.

Thank you.
Answer by Jan Nijborg2011-06-15
Hello Support Team,

No code appears, just the text 'Unknown Err' upon powering up, after which the device turns itself off. I'm home again now and attaching the device via USB to the computer does not make any difference: the error message does not allow any operation.
Answer by Jan Nijborg2011-06-19
Hello again Support Team,

I did not get any follow-up response from you anymore. The SSD appears to be defect, so is now in the laboratory of a professonal data recovery company. If recovery is possible, it will be very expensive so this turns into a nightmare.

Best regards.
Answer by mickey2011-08-06
did you get the footage off?

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