Questions by athmam2007-07-02
Problem with Nexto OTG ND 2300
I bought my OTG ND 2300 last October 2006. 2 months ago I upgraded my OTG to f/w 1.20.

2 days ago when I turn on my OTG, I showed a note "Key input Errors!", the sound a beeb, then "Power Off", then it hang.

I tried pushing the reset button, but nothing happen.

I unplugged the power cable (from batt), then plug it again, then the same note showed again, then hang.

Please help me how to fix it.


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Answer by NextoDI2007-07-02
Please check as below
1. When you connenct the ac adapter into nexto, does the red light around the copy button turn on?
2. Please check the copy button whether it remain be pressed?
Answer by R&D2007-07-02
It can happen when the Copy button is constantly hold down.
So check the switch. Can you feel the button pressed when pused?
Answer by athmam2007-07-03
1. No, the red light did not turn on, only the yellow light turned on for a while, then "Key Input Errors!", then "Power Off" and the yellow lights were off, then hang. During the hang, the note "Power Off" is kept on screen. Need to unplug the power cable to turn off the screen.
2. I had checked the Copy button, when I pushed, I can heared a "click", then it pop up again after I released my finger off.
Answer by NextoDI2007-07-04
Maybe, the copy button has some kind of a defect. What dealer did you buy it from? You'd better contact them
Answer by athmam2007-07-04
I did contacted the store where I bought it ( and the local distributor (, both asked me to send it back to them, and they will send it back to Korea for repair.

If it should be repaired in Korea, it will take long time before it back to me again. Instead, can I get a replacement?

Answer by NextoDI2007-07-04
Your request is depend on your dealer's decision. it is not up to us.

Answer by Mobile-Save2007-07-05
Mobile-Save has already contacted Mr. Athmam by phone on July 5th 2007. We explain to him that while the board level repair will be done in the factory in Korea, we as the local distributor in Indonesia have an average of 2 days turn around time for unit service.


Mobile-Save Service Department
Answer by athmam2007-07-05
Just now I was called by Mr. Wiyanto Kodrat of We had a warm & friendly discussion about my problem. He promises to help on my unit.

What a quick and kind after sales support. I realy appreciate it.

So I will send my OTG to them and looking forward to seeing my OTG back in service again.

Answer by athmam2007-07-18
My OTG is back, with new board and F/W. What a quick service.

Thanks for Mr. Wiyanto of and Lulu of

Now, I feel more comfortable with NEXTO and its after sales support.

Thanks and regards,

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