Questions by defa2011-06-10
smart test failed

i have an error message on my nvs2500 :
"smart test failed
changing HDD is recommended
id c5: 00000004

The firmware is 1.30.
I made an HDD full test
he founds some bad sector
I have connected the nvs2500 on my computer, and repair the disk, as asked, but i still have this message.

What can i do to fix this? Change the HD? Is there a garantee? Can i use it?
thank you


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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-10
the samrt err message means that the internal HDD has bad blocks.

and the PC didn't repair perfectly it.
it just remapping bad sector address to spare sector's.

It looks that the Bad blocks cured,
But, the bad blocks still are in the HDD.

and cuased by these blocks, the HDD can have more bad blocks.
(like virus)

so. we recommand the internal HDD replaced.

Thank you
Best regards
Answer by nemenems2011-08-17

I have the same problem. I bought 6 NEXTO DI and in one year 3 of them got the smart test failed error. What could usually provokes that ?

Thank you


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