Questions by Nils2011-06-06
Unexpected OTG removal (ND2700)

I walked while my card was backing up, and received an error. I opened my device and discovered that it had been delivered with a Samsung disk. After replacing it with an Intel SSD that I had, I'm still not able to back up the contents of the memory card. When I try, it freezes about half way and says "Unexpected OTG error".

The SSD was formatted in the ND2700, the memory card has only been used a couple of times, and I am able to back other memory cards up.

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Answer by NextoDI2011-06-07
Dear Nils

the error could be caused by damaged OTG function (USB Host, device connection)

It looks to need repairing.

please contact the reseller, or distributor in your country.

Thank you
Best regards

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