Questions by Ziv Tal2011-06-02
[NVS2500, Version 1.30] Internal HDD and External NTFS HDD...

I bought NVS2500 with 500GB Internal HDD, 1st I would like to replace the internal HDD, 2nd NTFS support is nessery...

1- It's posibile to replace internal HDD?

2- What max size of internal hdd NVS2500(FW V1.30) support?

3- NVS2500 support SSD ? If is what size of SSD I can install?

4- Why there is no support for NTFS just for external HDD ?! It's really nessery ... It's possible you consider adding in the fautre to add support ?!

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Answer by zpdy2011-06-06
5- Why I can format internal HDD as extFAT partition, It's possible you consider adding in the fautre to add support too ?
Answer by NextoDI2011-06-07
1. Please contact the reseller for replacemnt internal HDD.

2. Nexto Deviece supports over than 2TB capacity. (2.5 inch HDD)

3. We don't sell SSD, (not supporting curruntly)

4. We don't support NTFS format system, Most of all memory card uses FAT32 format system, so we use it.

5. now, we only support FAT32 (for internal HDD)
the formmating (for internal HDD) will be supported later.
caused, now all of Camcorders and cameras don't make over 4GB files. later, if a camcorder make a over than 4GB file(video), we will support it.

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Answer by Ziv Tal2011-06-07
About 4. I am not asking for memory card, I ask for NTFS support for external HDD (most HDD uses NTFS format system).

If someone bring me HDD (NTFS formated) with stuff on him and want me to do an MCopy or Sync I can't without format ...
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-06-07
About 5. Why you think just camcorder, The NVS2500 support copy from external HDD, and if the HDD formatted extFAT there is can be files over 4GB ... So if I want backup external HDD (extFAT) with files over 4GB, I can't...
Answer by NextoDI2011-06-10
Nexto Device supports multimedia memory cards.

It is developed for supporting proffesors using Cameras, and Camcoders.
so, the functions are focuss on backing up memory cards.
We can't support all type of file system from PC.
(like NTFS, HFS, etc..)

NVS series supports Multi-copy, backing up to both HDD.
the external hard drive for multi-copy must be formatted as FAT32, and it cuased by supporting copy from external hard drive.
( not PC HDD )

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Answer by Horris2016-02-29
now this is not fair you have stopped giving firmware upgrades to NVS2500... start developing and give us a new formware upgrade beyond 1.53 for NVS2500

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