Questions by Thomas Melgers2011-05-11
Windows XP crash when connecting Nextodi via eSata
Hi there,

We have just installed our brand new Glyph EC2 - 2 Port PCIe eSata card into our HP82000 machine (running Windows XP OS and Avid).

We use a Nextodi NVS Pro 2500 with the latest firmware for file backup and want to be able to transfer our files via eSata, since its much faster than USB 2.0 or Firewire. The only problem is, when we connect the Nextodi via eSata and turn on the Nextodi, our system crashes and is unresponsive. We have no USB or Firewire harddisc connected when we try to run the Nextodi via eSata.

Is this a know problem? Do you have a solution for this? Is there anything we can do to get this to work?

Hopefully there is an answer.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,

Thomas Melgers

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Answer by NextoDI2011-05-12
first check if the eSata card operates well or not.
if you have other eSata deviec, please connect it first to
check that.

when NVS2500 connected, if the computer is down(not under control), the internal hard drive (NVS2500) might be damaged or might have wrong FAT table.

if in the NVS2500, there is no data, please format it and retry to connect.

Thank you
Best regards

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