Questions by Neil2011-04-05
Unsupported USB Error
I am trying to connect an external USB drive to my eXtreme. Several of the external drives I have are not detected at all and the only one which it seems to detect then shows an "Unsupported USB 0x0015" error on the display and the unit turns off.

What does this error mean exactly and why do my other drives fail to get detected? (They all have external power).

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Answer by Neil2011-04-06
Having got an answer via email I thought I'd update my own question!

It seems it's an error related to the format of the drive. FAT32 is what is needed and you may need a utility like fat32format for a drive larger than 32GB.

I still don't know why my other drives aren't detected, but at least I have one that now works :)

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