Questions by edward2011-03-25
Supplier Replacement battery Nexto 2700 in Europe
Searching the internet for hours I wasn´t able to find any supplier for internal replacement batteries for the nexto 2700 in Europe and espacially in Germany.

Pleased to see that there is actually a manual for battery replacment for download, I hope you can tell me any Dealer/supplier in Germany or Europe selling the needed battery.

Using the Nexto almost everyday I ask you to answer as soon as possible as the actual battery is dying really fast and even with an external battery connected it´s very difficult to transfer data safely.

Thanks in advance

kind regard


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Answer by NextoDI2011-03-28
Dear edward

We can support the internal battery for replacement.
But the price will be expansive cuased by including delivery fee.

for information
please contact this email.

Thank you
Answer by edward2011-04-14
After receiving the desired replacement battery I want to share my experience with others.

Thank you NextoDi for offering the battery direct from korea and many, many thanks to Chris from NextodiUK, who had it in stock and delivered it to Germany.
The German distributor was no help at all, claiming the Nexto extreme will be replaced soon and therefore spare parts ran out of stock.
Ordering in UK was easy with a very helpful service of NextoDiUK, though it wasn´t really cheap, but I was very happy getting one at all.
Using the offered manual from NextoDi it´s quite easy to replace the battery.

Thank you again for everything!
Warm regards

Answer by Chris2013-05-29
[Updated 01 May 2013] Please note we no longer ship the batteries outside the U.K. You can purchase the replacement battery directly from NextoDi at
Thank you.

Nexto DI UK Ltd

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