Questions by Rafa2010-10-26
CF init error with Sandisk Extreme Pro Cards 16 and 32GB
Error CF Init on my Nexto ND 2300 OTG Xpress with Firmware V1.07

Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB and 32GB, reformat and doesn´t work

Please help

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Answer by NextoDI2010-10-29
ND2300 doesn't support the new CF memory cards. (Sandisk Extreme Pro 60MB/ 90MB)

please use other CF memory cards.

We are sorry for inconvenience.

Answer by bzz2011-03-23
I have NextoDi OTG Xpress ND2300 (red case) with FW 1.07 and i bought a CF 32GB sandisk.
It doesnt work.
Is there any plans/possibilities to make it work on this kind of HW? Or it's HW limitation and it's not possible to make it work (even slower)

many thanks

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