Questions by kris van de vijver2010-09-20
LCD showing wrong amout of free space

I formatted the HDD and the LCD of the ND2700 showed me the correct amount of free space.

Then I copied files from a CF and after the copy process, the ND showed me that I only have half(!) free space left. This is impossible because I only copied about 5GB of data.

Does anyone know a possible cause and/or solution?


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Answer by Nexto DI2010-09-27
Do you use more than 500GB hard drive?

If so, please update the firmware.

Thank you
Answer by kris van de vijver2010-09-27
Yes, I have a 1000GB hard drive and it shows only 500GB.

Question: Can I copy 1000GB to the drive although the lcd display only shows "500GB" or do I NEED to upgrade the firmware before I can use 1000GB?

Question 2: Can I upgrade the firmware WITHOUT deleting all existing data?

Many thanks for the reply.

Answer by NextoDI2010-09-30
under 1.08v firmware has an error about capacity check.
But we release new firmware(1.09), and the problem can be solved
by updating firmware.

and the apdate firmware doesn't delete any data which are already stored in Nexto.

Thank you
Best regards
Answer by kvdv2010-10-07
Ok, but if i do NOT do the upgrade: will I be able to use the 1000GB anyway (although the LCD screen says 500GB) ?
Answer by NextoDI2010-10-13
Please use it after upgrade.

the Nexto extreme recognizes the capacity under 500GB.
So it can be caused back-ups fails.

Thank you
Best regards
Answer by kvdv2010-10-13
I have 450 GB of photos (thousands and thousands of pictures).
I am travelling and I cannot make a backup...

=> Can you guarantee that a firmware update will NOT erase data in any way?! Are you 100% sure?!
Answer by NextoDI2010-10-15
It doesn't erase any data in Hard drive.

You cna update the firmware without Hrad drive.
1. remove your hard drive. (open the back aluminum case)
2. connect ND2700 to PC with USB cable.

and than try updating following update manual.

Thank you
Answer by Martin2011-04-21
When I plug in my ND2700 to my computer via USB I can't see the video , is there a special way of doing it? My computer is a Mac . or do I need to go to a trouble shooting page somewhere?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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