Questions by rob2007-06-29
Delete files or Reformat HDD with OTG?
What's the best way to remove files from the OTG ND2300?

Should you just identify and delete the individual folders?

Or should you reformat the HDD like you would with a CF card?

It's a great unit - fast, small and simple.


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Answer by NextoDI2007-06-29
You can delete the folders and re-format HDD
1. Delete : See the manual page 49~52
2. Format : See the manual page 37~38
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-29
If you don't have its manual, you can download at [SUPPORT] - [DOWNLOAD]
Answer by R&D2007-06-30
If you don't need the data inside HDD, it's best to reformat it at the menu of ND2300.
It'll make you free from speed slow down caused by disk fragment.
Answer by halesr2010-05-07
Can you delete files while the Nexto is connected to your computer? Just like deleting files from a hard drive. I find the navigation to folders and files REALLY difficult.

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