Questions by Rod2010-07-05
ND2700 not working with Transcend 32GB CF x133

I have a really annoying issue that's inconsistent.

Shooting video and RAW stills on Canon 5DMK2 and using 32GB Transcend x133 CF cards - the ND2700 always fails.

It either hangs on the 'CF Detected' screen and nothing ever happens or it says 'Memory Error'. I then have to pull the card out and hope that it hasn't corrupted my work!

Running FW 1.07 - I have no problems with 8GB or 16GB CF cards.

Please can you advise me if the ND2700 supports this Transcend card - if not I will need to sell the Nexto as I have 4 32GB Transcend cards!

Many thanks,

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Answer by Rod2010-07-05
Just to say - I have just updated the FW to V 1.08 and it still doesn't work with any of the 32 GB transcend x133 cards. It just freezes up after inserting the card and says 'CF Detected' for ever.... :(
Answer by Rod2010-07-05
I'm sorry that my ND2700 doesn't work properly,

'Main IC FW' ? - I had to import this to the UK from a US web based distributor, it doesn't make any economical sense for me to send this unit back and forth to the seller - if they still exist from 2 years ago.

Is not the whole point of FW upgrades, that users can download the FW and flash the unit themselves? Can this FW be made available? The unit is out of any warranty and I depend upon this Nexto product, I am reluctant to buy yet another $500 back-up Nexto solution if it means that it'll only work for a certain time period, then become incompatible with larger sized CF cards - without any proper support.

I don't see how the unit could be faulty - it works flawlessly with all other cards I own, but it will not read any Transcend 32GB x133 cards. This is obviously either a fault with the CF card (ruled out) or a problem with the FW not supporting this card.

Please advise,

Rod F.
Answer by Rod2010-07-08
I'm beginning to feel like this so called 'support' page is a joke - still no reply to my questions. I have spent a fair bit of money on Nexto products over the years and feel that this is a very disappointing conclusion to buying your products.

I am a pro-snapper and have recommended your products to others, but i'm quickly losing any confidence in the company after this issue with no support for 133x Transcend 32GB cards - and nothing I can do about it apparently?

Again, I would appreciate some advise here on how to get my ND2700 functioning with these cards, which are widely used in the industry.

Thank you for any help you can offer.
Answer by Mind2010-07-10
I use my ND2700 with 3 SanDisk Extreme III (30MB/s) 32GB CF cards. Never had a problem. Perhaps something about Transcend brand?
Answer by Rod2010-07-11
So, your saying that because the CF card won't read properly (when apparently it should), that I now have to pay to send the unit to a UK dealer, at my cost, to then have your faulty IC (whatever the hell an IC is) replaced, again at my cost and then shipped back to me...oh, again at my cost? Joy. I still don't understand how this can be a hardware issue as opposed to a firmware issue.

I'm sorry but your explanation is woefully inadequate, and's response to my email was even worse - a generic 'We are an importer and can't help - bye'.

This company hasn't exactly bathed itself in glory in dealing with this situation. A little more information and perhaps a link to a page or phone number that might actually assist me would be the order of the day, don't you think?
Answer by NextoDI2010-07-14
I apology for inaccurate answer.

before we got an information about compatibility with Transcend x133 CF cards.
We had purchased the memory card and tried a test.
But we couldn't find out any problem.
and we knew that Transcend x133 use two different type of controllor IC even if they are same model.

We don't know how to distinguish them.
Some of Transcend x133 could make an error.
and about this case is pending.

If you have questions, please contact this email.

Thank you.
Best regards.

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